Akash – Ether Element, Poster with wooden frame


Bei Bestellung aller 5 Elemente einer Größe Free Shipping!


The Akash Element based is on the ancient Yantra symbols of the Amartya Tradition.

This is a framed museum quality print on Premium Semi-Glossy Paper of a painting by Aiyanna Diyamayi.

Yantras are visual representations of energetic frequencies. In the ancient times, the old immortal Rishi seers, masters of the Himalayan Amartya Tradition, captured the geometric manifestations of the energy frequencies of the 5 elements. The five elements are the core building blocks of our reality, from the most physical manifestations to the subtle frequencies of the ethers.

Akash is the mother of all other elements. Akash represents the space in all directions at once in which everything comes into existence.

The Yantras of the 5 Elements carry principles of life manifestation. They represent the pure and unadulterated form of each of the 5 creation forces.

If you surround yourself with these symbols it will help your conscious mind to attune back to the purest forms of manifestation that already rest at the base of your being.

Museum quality poster made on thick and durable matte (uncoated) paper. For indoor use. The frame and the poster are delivered together. The poster must be mounted in the frame by the recipient. Printed and shipped on request. No minimum order quantities.

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30×30 cm / 12×12″, 50×50 cm / 20×20″, 70×70 cm / 28×28″


Black, Wood, White