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From Yoga to Enlightenment, what’s the point?

Part 1 Series: Why do I need a spiritual teacher when the truth is already within me?

As yoga has captured the masses over the last few decades, the deeper Eastern spiritual roots of yoga have begun to reveal their secrets. The subject of enlightenment and the practices that get you there, like meditation, are now receiving more and more public attention.

The benefits of meditation range across both physical and mental. Physical benefits can include improved cardio and hormone levels, and improved energy and virility among others. On the mental side, one can learn to experience pure relaxation, and a blissful relief from the stress in our everyday lives by using meditation as an alternative means to improve well-being. But those are only the most superficial benefits. There’s much more to it; many of which that most people are not aware.

We’re all looking for solutions to heal ourselves as well as our ailing society. This behavior is making our survival as a species almost impossible. It’s past the point of no return, and we have to change our present trajectory before it’s too late.

It makes sense to solve our problems at their root by raising humanity’s consciousness to enable peace, harmony, and creative solutions from within.

How to change our reality through raising consciousness

Consciousness fundamentally affects reality, and this is being substantiated by contemporary quantum physics scientists. Matter is not what it appears to be. In its subatomic essence, it is just energy, influenced by an ultimate observer; consciousness.

The ancient seers; the Rishis of the old Eastern spiritual sciences, realized thousands of years ago that in our core, we are one with this Ultimate Perceiver. We can recognize and realize this state of Oneness through meditation, where we can find the real answers and solutions to the issues our planet now faces. If we are attuned to this level of Oneness that births our reality from moment to moment, we can directly influence the creation of our existence. We can dream a higher reality. The more people who join in, the more change we can imagine and bring into the collective.

The journey to our source of consciousness may involve many wrong-turns, detours, and dead-ends, but also many miracles, discoveries, and delightful experiences. The ideal goal promises eternal freedom and the possibility to create a new kind of paradise; not only on the inside but on the outside as well.

What if?

This path is the ultimate journey of individual human development, leading to our highest potential as human beings. The journey into unity without losing diversity. In this achievement of self-mastery, we can express the highest self-knowledge and make it available to the world through unique creativity, dynamism, and strength, but without egoism.

Imagine if ten, 100, 1000, or even 10,000 or more people would attain this level of mastery and find solutions to environmental, social, political, and medical problems and help thousands of people unleash the same potential?

If individuals, such as Jesus or Buddha, have inspired humanity for thousands of years, imagine the potential and change that hundreds of actual living masters could bring to this world.

Do I need a spiritual teacher?

You might think the best way to go on this journey is by yourself. Isn’t all knowledge already in us? It seems like a contradiction to look for a guide in the outside when everything is within us. Finding your way without a teacher is possible, but it might be much easier and faster with an experienced guide.

When you are all by yourself in the wild terrain of consciousness, you are subject to chance and fortunate circumstances, and it may be questionable if you would ever come up with such profound techniques and knowledge to travel all the way in one lifetime. Maybe you don’t need to leave it up to a lightning striking you to find enlightenment. Perhaps you can find a guide who can show you the right turns on your journey within to reach that goal.

The difficulty is to find such a teacher of self-mastery because things are not always what they appear to be.

I was fortunate enough to find a master teacher in my life; Aaravindha Himadra, who could lead me to places in consciousness that quite simply, I would not have found alone, and at least not in such a short time.

I want to help you find the best individual choice for you by providing you with some food for thought in this series of blog articles.

Please read on from here and learn how we can solve the dilemma of accepting an authority outside of ourselves.

If you have not read all parts of this series, I highly recommend it to get the bigger picture of this topic:

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