“It brings me joy to show you how to re-establish your alignment with your inner North Star which gives direction to your destiny through its silver light of inspiration, truth and wisdom.”

I will share the essence of what I have learned in 15 years of intensive training with the best spiritual teacher in the world.

My joy is to tailor this essence to you in my seminars and to teach you what truly helps you in life and on your spiritual path.

By the best spiritual teacher in the world I am referring to Aaravindha Himadra. Aaravindha is the embodiment of the Amartya Tradition in the Western world. With him as a master teacher, I completed the 5-year-long Sambodha Teacher training in 2010 with the Paramahamsa level. Since then I have also attended all of Aaravindha’s subsequent seminars. In total, I have now completed the training almost three times.

It is a great fulfillment for me to pass on the knowledge of the Amartya tradition in the form of seminars and retreats. For this reason, I try to give a few seminars and retreats a year in German-speaking countries, which is not always easy to do, as I have been living in the US since 2017 and my focus at the moment is more on supporting Aaravindha

I am very happy every time when I can accompany old familiar faces and new dear friends on their spiritual path to the unfolding of their highest self. I do this by teaching theory in a way that is easy to understand, by giving effective guidance on how to practice and by giving supportive tips for everyday life and its challenges.

It would be a pleasure to meet you or see you again at one of the seminars!

Each seminar by Aaravindha is new and highlights different aspects of the deep Amartya knowledge. Thus, the learning and development never stops and allows me to integrate the complex knowledge ever more deeply. This is important for myself and also to be able to pass it on to others better.

Since 2010, I have been taking care of seminar organization, event marketing, social media marketing, webinars, Sambodha newsletter, development and design of www.sambodha.org and www.aaravindha.com websites and social community for Aaravindha Himadra in Europe and the USA. In addition, I translate Aaravindha’s books, such as “Immortal Self”, articles and Aaravindha’s seminars into German.

I am fascinated by Aaravindha’s knowledge, which I found access to through his teacher training and which I have also been teaching myself since 2010. It extends into many subject areas and each subject area in turn encompasses immeasurable depths. It includes, among other things, meditation techniques that will guide you more and more into your enlightenment, knowledge to heal emotional wounds and let go of mental patterns and unfold your true nature more and more. With Aaravindha, I also learned the science of mantra, the divine language of manifestation, which is present in our tradition in a depth that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Furthermore, healing methods such as the Karnada Virya and the Bhumitra earth healing knowledge. And even these levels of knowledge represent only the entry into even more sacred knowledge.

I feel a special connection to the Bhumitra knowledge of the Surah Parampara tradition, the knowledge of healing earth meridians and power places (Karnadas and Devastans). Since childhood, I have been drawn to the stone circles in England and Ireland and other sacred places through a magical attraction that has touched a deep longing within me. It was only through Aaravindha that I found the means to satisfy this longing and have techniques available to further develop my skills as an earth healer. It is fulfilling for me to pass on the Bhumitra (Baumaitri) knowledge to other people who would like to develop this for themselves.



The meditation seminar with Aiyanna was of a very special kind and meaning for me. It broke with commonly held beliefs about meditation techniques by not trying to catapult participants to dizzying spiritual heights, but by opening up the possibility for everyone to effortlessly reach their own depths. To where the true streams of stillness, bliss and manifestation begin, the One that encompasses everything. Aiyanna’s explanations of the way there were so lively and down-to-earth that the manifold and influential interactions between meditation and everyday life opened up to each participant as if by itself. Step by step, Aiyanna explained to us what we can do and, above all, what we can refrain from doing in order to free ourselves from our illusions and aversions through the Sambodha meditation technique, thereby giving undistorted space and expression to the everlasting ray of divine light in our lives. Each of these meditations can bring us a little closer to transcendence, back into divine love and order. As a ‘side-effect’, this can also fulfill a many-thousandfold longing to no longer be exposed to the compulsion of having to learn through suffering, but to realize voluntary, effortless learning, growing and maturing through revelation and joyful implementation of relevant insights and realizations. Whoever wants to decisively clarify and purify his life, to recognize and realize his original meaning of life, I can recommend Aiyanna’s meditation seminar with the best conscience. You will receive a warm-hearted, profoundly knowledgeable and top professional guidance and introduction.