Aiyanna Diyamayi – Sambodha Teacher Organizer Aaravindha

Spirituality is only useful if we can bring it into our everyday life, and we gain more and more wisdom and clarity to solve our daily challenges, stand in life stronger and with more joy and love.

Aiyanna Diyamayi

This is where my seminar offer comes in, because implementing spiritual knowledge in personal everyday life fails for many people because crucial pieces of the puzzle are missing. This is where I can support you in learning transformative spiritual knowledge and bringing it into a successful structure to integrate it into your daily life without having to suffer long detours and frustration.

My focus is to explain the deep knowledge of the Amartya tradition and Aaravindha Himadra in a way that is easy to understand and integrate. No matter where you are in life and how old or young you are, if you have prior knowledge or not—when you attend a seminar with me, I try to respond to your individual needs and find metaphors, images, and explanatory examples that suit you and help you understand the knowledge and practice your meditation techniques more effectively. With this understanding and the energetic supporting power of the meditation techniques, you can then solve your personal challenges in life.

The teachings of the Amartya Tradition and Aaravindha are about bringing your highest potential into expression so that you can unfold the talents and gifts that lie dormant within you. My aim is to help you dissolve the obstacles that stand in the way, piece by piece, by showing you how to apply this timeless knowledge as effectively as possible. Only through your own insights and their implementation in life will you develop the strength, clarity and wisdom, which will remain yours forever and will accompany you in every situation.

My seminars are always very practical. Despite the deep spiritual background of the ancient Surah Parampara tradition, I always do my best to bring it down to earth and oriented towards the challenges of modern life. It is important to me that after each seminar day, you can take away seeds that will continue to unfold in your life where you need them most.

Kevin G.


Aiyanna is a teacher I have been waiting for years. She is able to convey profound spiritual knowledge in an understandable and tangible way. Thus, she bridges the gap between one’s “worldly” path and the “spiritual” path. I am fascinated by the depth and purity of her teaching and recommend it without hesitation to anyone who wants to learn meditation – in the purest way.

5-Element Yantras

by Aiyanna Diyamayi

Yantras are visual representations of energetic frequencies. In ancient times, the great immortal Rishi seers, masters of the Himalayan Amartya tradition, recorded the geometric manifestations of the energy frequencies of the 5 elements. The five elements are the core building blocks of our reality, from the most physical manifestations to the space that holds the frequencies.

The yantras of the 5 elements carry the principles of life manifestation. They represent the pure and unadulterated form of each of the 5 forces of creation.
Surrounding yourself with these symbols will help your conscious mind to tune back into the purest forms of manifestation that already rest at the base of your being.